My name is Adeleine. I started La Femme in 2005 as a way to journal my lifelong obsession with style, both modern and historical, as well as travel, film, photography and street art. Seven years on, I live with my guy in Toronto, collect more vintage than fits in our apartment, and spend all available time travelling.

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original about - fall '05


My name is Adeleine. I currently live in downtown Toronto... if I wasn't in Toronto, I would live in Reykjavik, Edinburgh or Melbourne. My first loves are style, fashion, cinema and travelling. I grew up as the child of a gay international midwife with no fashion sense but great style and adventure - she challenged me to dream and work to make dreams real. Ten schools and homeschooling in Canada and Australia later, I started freelance writing, working in costumes on small film sets, travelling and studying for a degree in the arts I love by distance education. I believe in creating and living your dream life through your work every day. Both online and offline, I enjoy being with others who feel the same. My best dreams come alive when I experience and share the beauty of international fashion and cultural arts.


I have loved fashion forever, but beyond that, I am captivated and in love with style. Style is about confidence and creativity, and sharing your personal beauty with the world through cultivating the magical presence that is elusive but there for all of us . Fashion icons understand this- attitude comes first, clothing second. Any well informed fashionista can slip on a pair of Manolos, or dress up in Chanel tweed, but without style, the look is merely a collection of expensive garments assembled according to the directions of Vogue magazine. A clone of a thousand other women walking the high streets of cities worldwide. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with this, just like the fact and utility of uniforms, but for me this approach can be boring and grey. Clothing shouldn't just hang on your body to display someone else's work; the magic of style makes it a part of you and helps you to look amazing and feel like a beautiful force in the world. Even when the world is hard. You definitely don't have to be a supermodel to achieve this! Style and beauty are human artistic birthrights for all of us.

Random Facts

I became a eurobrat at 4 months, when my mutti brought me to a conference in Holland. Even though she was sharing a hotel room with 4 others, she splurged on a pair of brightly coloured, soft leather baby booties with a perfect little diagonal zipper - I guess that was love at first sight for me...

The next place on my destination list is Iceland and I hope to go there sometime soon. Anything beautiful you know about Iceland, send to me! I read about it every week and I love the music scene, the culture of the clubs and the stylish existence of people against this strange beautiful ice country.

My favourite film directors are Sally Potter, Mike Nichols, Stephen Frears and Jane Campion. I love Icelandic and Indian films, and am just starting to learn about the world of cinema in South America.

Historical costumes became a happy obsession in grade school and I've spent many vacations studying historical costumes in libraries and museums around the world. Needless to say, I have watched Orlando, Dangerous Liaisons, Moulin Rouge, La Reine Margot, and countless others for the costumes about twelve times, in rapture.

My favourite model (since the age of 10, when I first saw her photo) is Laetitia Casta.

I really, really love boots.